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2016- Nuneaton Dog Training Club

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General Enquiries

Jackie Eaves (M) 07930-578-268 (E)  Peter Eaves (M) 07947-816-858 (E)  Bill Baird (M) 07854-394-061 (E) 

Mainstream Training & Puppies

Section Head: Bill Baird (M) 07854-394-061 (E)  Deputy Section Head: Lousie Dexter (M) 07817-712-758 (E) Gloria Bonnell (M) 07762-110-330 (E) (Acting Section Head Wed afternoon)


Section Head: John Hegarty (M) 07862-260-661 or (E) Shelley Agility Facebook page:  Flyball Section Head: Sandra Long (M) 07812-520-511 (E) Stuart Harrison (H) 07970-502747 GunDog Section Head: Damon Ross 07811-159-671 or Karl Beebe 07795-221-097 Rally Section Head: Julia Bodsworth (M) 07976-587098 or (E) Demonstration Team Section Head: Gloria Bonnell (M) 07762 110330 (E) The Committee President: Babs Chairman: Stuart Harrison (M) 07970-502-747 (E)  Secretary: Peter Eaves (M) 07947-816-858 (E)  Deputy Chair: Jackie Eaves (M) 07930-578-268 (E)  Treasurer: Geoff Bonnell: (M) 07467-441-073 (E)  Bill Baird (M) 07854-394-061 (E)  Lousie Dexter (M) 07817-712-758 (E)  Gloria Bonnell (M) 07762-110-330 (E) Brent Watson (M) 07768-800-181 (E) Karl Beebe (M) 07795-221-097 (E)  Maureen Cook (M) 07773 449 275 (E)